You invested in a business and you hoped to earn revenues that will keep flowing regularly. Unfortunately, many startups and existing businesses fail to get expected results due to lack of practical knowledge and expertise

Every business needs an outside perspective to help analyze the business flaws and guide them through the proper techniques and strategies. A recent study showed that only 2% of people are capable of working without supervision. It’s like an old expression “can’t see the wood for the trees” which implies why a business owner need a mentor. A business mentor can come in to analyze the business. They can spot things that the owners cannot see (like never being able to see the salt right in front of you on a dinner table).

Business mentoring is a strategy most firms incorporate when training their staff. It is an efficient way of challenging and motivating your staff members thus maximizing productivity.

Effective business coaching also aims at empowering young entrepreneurs and professionals to be accustomed to the company protocols and business practices that will enable them to effectively deal with organization cultures. It is vital as there will be other organization cultures to deal with when doing business with them.

The organizational goals are the most important factors for any business. It is strategic coaching that will make you different from your competitors and leave you to showcase your products to your customers according to their specific aspirations. Getting a professional business strategy mentor will sharpen your skills and help you achieve your business goals.

Connexus offer a range of consultancy, mentoring and coaching services designed to help business owners who are not happy with their status quo and would love to propel themselves and organization to the next level. Our coaching program is structured to inspire and accelerate professional growth through the application of a reliable results-based advice.

Connexus coaching and mentoring objectives are to:

  • Establishment of a clear vision for the organization
  • Increased ability to inspire others to achieve success
  • Increased strategic focus
  • Greater personal and organizational productivity
  • More effective leadership due to improved influencing skills
  • personal and organizational accountability

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