About Us

Welcome to Connexus

We are a human resource agency based in Singapore with the primary aim to make your business and personal development a success using all conceivable means while employing the best expertise available.

Our wealth of experience and vast knowledge of human resources and its frontiers put us at the foremost in offering out-of-the box leadership training, mentorship, coaching and assistance in getting government grants for various stages of your business.

Our method is simple; we will critically assess your organization, benchmarking with known best practices to identify any gaps and to devise a workable plan with adequate strategies and techniques to meet your business goals. We will review your workforce to ensure that they are meeting up with your organizational goals and increase their capacity to be more effective.

Connexus ultimate aim is to ensure that start-ups or established businesses stand out from the crowd and meet all criteria to deliver quality service to their prospective customers.

This is what we do at Connexus and we will always be ready to assist you.

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